Hello loveliesss :(

I have a important test to take tomorrow as well. Tbh, it is extremely stressful :( I am asking all of you, to doa for me because esok Mathematic. Seriously, i noob math to the max. Noob gila weh. So, please pray to Allah to help me ya? Yey sayang you.

Hm, tapi rasa bersalah gila for praying hard during finals because I sometimes forget to pray when things are going great. Jahat gila kan? :( 

A friend of mine, hantar message. 'If you do not do well, do not mistake that for being God's will. He wants you to succeed in everything! So, if you did well than glory be to Him. If not, than you know it was on your part. The key thing here is prayer and studying hard.' Seriously, so deep and touched.

Hmm, btw the power of prayer does so many great miracles kan? So, goodluck to all of you ya? Im goin to mandi dah ucuukk gila weh. Ahahah bye gula hatii.

Hamizah Zainal